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Daily Technical Diving

We meet at around 8am at the diving centre to sort out equipment and paperwork. Bring your certification with you as we will want to see this.

All daily technical diving is conducted from the boat which has full facilities for technical diving. The boat also has 2 toilets, salon, equipment deck, dive deck, sun deck, kitchen etc. Emergency Oxygen, a well stocked first aid kit and other emergency equipment as well as a full tool kit are carried on the boat every day .However, we recommend that each technical diver have their own basic tools and spares kit. Come prepared. Technical divers are expected to have their own tape and pens for marking tanks and slates etc.

We leave around 8:30 to head to our first dive site. Dive sites are decided on the day or the day before based upon weather conditions and experience levels of the divers on board. Boat briefings are given to everyone who has not been on the boat before.

Just before arriving at the dive site or once at the dive site you will be given a full technical dive briefing from your instructor or guide (also an instructor but when not on a course).

Technical diving teams are not larger than 4 divers.

Technical dive plans should be agreed upon by each member of the team. Your instructor or guide (also an instructor but when not on a course) will have the final say on dive planning matters. A main plan, deeper and longer plan as well lost gas plans should be carried.

Maximum depths will not exceed the maximum depth determined by the least qualified diver’s certification level. If you have not dived with us before or you haven’t dived for a while then we may ask for you to do a shallower dive with us before a deep dive, so we can understand how each other dives and practice some emergency scenarios with each other. It’s always good to keep skills fresh. Trimix dives will not be done on your first day.

Each technical diver is required to have full equipment including 2 independent ways to monitor depth, dive time and decompression schedules. Redundant buoyancy equipment is also required for each technical diver as well as a red/orange SMB and spool/reel. We have a full range of technical diving equipment available for rent.

Generally we only do one decompression dive per day. However, if you want to dive recreationally in the afternoon we have no problem with this but you do this at your own risk.

After the first dive lunch is served. Lunch and drinks are included in the price for everyone every day.

The boat arrives back usually around 15:30 – 16:30. However, this can change any day due to unforeseen circumstances.