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Taking a PADI Course With Us

When you take a course with us you can expect to be taught to a very high standard. During entry level courses we spend a lot of time in the water building a solid foundation such as good buoyancy control, trim and situational awareness. It’s easier to learn new and more complex skills when you have a solid foundation. Also during continuing education courses and more advanced level courses we spend time refining and tweaking your basic diving skills and habits. Some of our courses may take longer than typical course durations at other diving centers but PADI courses are performance based and not time based and everyone learns in different ways at different speeds. We do not rush students through a course and we spend time making sure they have mastered and understand each aspect.

If your course requires the use of a PADI manual or other PADI materials then you will get these before or at the start of your course and they are included in your course price except for Divemaster. However, we can supply the Divemaster crew pack at an extra cost.

Certification is not included in any course price because at Dynamic Diving we strongly believe that a certification is earned and is not guaranteed. You are actually paying for the training. If you are successful with your course and meet all performance requirements then you will be asked to pay the €35 certification fee. Once this fee has been received, your PIC (Positive Identification Card) form will be submitted to PADI and you should receive your certification card within a few weeks by post.

In the unlikely situation that you don’t meet all the performance requirements for your course in the approximate course durations then we are happy to add extra days training at a discounted rate.

If your course requires classroom sessions or confined water (swimming pool like conditions) dives then on these days you will be based in the diving centre. The Open Water dives required for your course are conducted from the boat usually with 2 dives per day. The schedule for these days is the same as for Daily Diving. Lunch and drinks are included during all days.

Equipment rental is included in entry level courses (Open Water Diver, Scuba Diver and Discover Scuba Diving) but is not included in other courses. All students for all courses are expected to have a dive computer or another way of monitoring depth, dive time and no stop times. This can be rented from us.

During all courses and on all other dives for that matter we take great care not to damage the environment. Environmental awareness will be passed on to you through teaching you good diving habits. We are all responsible for protecting the underwater environment we love.

Before all courses you will be required to fill in the PADI Medical Statement. You need to be able to answer NO honestly to all of the questions to declare yourself medically fit to dive. Should you answer YES to any of the questions you would need approval from a doctor before diving. Please find a link to the medical statement here. If you need a doctor’s approval it’s a good idea to get this in advance of your course.

PADI medical statement